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Inner Images provides on-site mobile, digital mammography screening 7 days a week. Our team of trained technologists and technician’s assistants provide service throughout California. This allows an economical and efficient way of providing service for healthcare providers who want to provide this service to their patients and clients.

We accept all types of reimbursement, and are a preferred provider in most health networks, including government funded programs such as the Every Women Counts (EWC)   that provide free screening mammograms for lower income women in California. Verification of low income is not required for enrollment in these programs.

*Please note that HMO participants require pre-authorization.


Our Switch to Digital

In 2013, we became the only mobile digital mammography provider in California to provide all digital services.  The days of developing and couriering film are now far behind us as we move to our goal full teleradiology.  One of the strongest advantages of digital mammography is that images do not need to be repeated for technique. Attributes such as sensitivity and latitude can be adjusted with software and windowing adjustments are done electronically at the modality. With film, an image is final and more studies are statistically repeated. Digital mammography also uses less radiation easing public concerns of excess exposure.

Prior to going digital, studies were repeated because of processing errors, overexposed film, and human error. Simply put, our repeat rate has never been lower.


Each patient is given a history form to fill out. Results will be sent to the patient within 7 days of her screening and a report is sent to her designated health care provider. Inner Images provides storage of all films, which may be retrieved at any time with written consent.

Facility Requirements

Inner Images delivers our services in the most non-threatening environment, where we emphasize patient comfort. A portable mammography machine is brought into the facility by our trained technicians or performed in our customized motor coach . This facility must be wheel chair accessible. A 10 x 10 clean space is needed to perform the screening mammograms.  Each mammogram takes between 10-15 minutes. The films are processed and read at our  Sherman Oaks  location.

Contractual Agreement

Providers must designate a staff person responsible for communication between their facility and Inner Images, Inc . To schedule a mammogram screening event at your facility, please contact us at 310.562.1377, or email at